Compare our prices with pharmacy locum agency fees

Instead of paying a commission for every locum shift you book via an agency, you can pay a flat-fee at a fixed rate for unlimited monthly use, while also getting an advanced scheduling and HR solution all included in the price.

Lopic works seamlessly for any pharmacy type – from single-branch independents, to chains and multiples. Plus, as an official enhanced proposition supplier, we offer Numark members a discounted rate.

Save money, book locums, manage
your HR

Lopic is free to use for pharmacist and technicians, helping you to secure better rates.

Pharmacy Locum Agency

Old Agency Model
  • £9 - £24 per locum, per day
  • £25+ per branch, per month for separate scheduling system
  • PLUS additional onboarding, customisation and emergency locum costs

Lopic Locum and HR App

New Locum Platform
  • £34.99+VAT per branch, per month or £29.99+VAT for Numark members
  • Comprehensive pharmacy scheduling and HR system included
  • Unlimited locum bookings
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Lower fees than a locum agency with a
wealth of additional extras

It’s clear that Lopic costs a lot less than using a pharmacy locum agency and separate scheduling and HR solutions, but what else do you get for your minimal monthly investment?

  • Unlimited locum bookings, uncapped facilities
  • Create a personalised bank of your favourite locums for first refusal of shifts
  • Manage and track absences, fill gaps quickly
  • Simple interface with templated or individual scheduling options
  • Easily integrate existing software to automate workflow e.g. accounts, HR systems
  • Time-track employees when they arrive and when they leave, making timesheets easy
  • Live GPhC register feed
  • Advanced analytics on your employee utilisation and locum spending
  • Customisable data for better business decision making and inspection preparation
  • Manage regulatory, GPhC and NHS quality payments compliance
  • View locum profile, compliance documents, ratings, shifts worked and bookings cancelled
  • Reconcile locum invoices and total locum expenses

If you’re ready to make the switch from the traditional pharmacy locum agency model, our advanced technology will save you time, save you money and put you in complete control of all your booking, scheduling and HR requirements.