Searching for locum pharmacist jobs?

If you’re looking for locum pharmacist jobs and want to take back control of your working life, Lopic will let you find the work you love.

Finding locum shifts has traditionally been a task for pharmacy recruitment agencies – but now, you can become part of a growing community that will connect you directly to pharmacies in your chosen area.

It’s 100% free to use, and you’ll also benefit from better locum pharmacist rates – because we don’t take an agency fee from the pharmacies that book you.

Find locum shifts, build relationships

Mobile or app

The Lopic platform for locum pharmacists is available online or via our easy-to-use app – job hunting at your fingertips.

Your work, your way

Enjoy the freedom of finding locum work that fits in with your lifestyle – choose when you work and who you work for.

Create connections

With over 250 pharmacies and 2500+ locums already signed up, you’ll forge strong, long-lasting working relationships.

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Find locum pharmacist shifts easily with these fantastic features

Lopic has been designed by pharmacists with a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, ensuring that the platform delivers everything you need to make life as a locum so much better.

  • Securely upload your profile with your details, experience – an online CV viewable by all pharmacies.
  • Store all your compliance documents in one place – no more signing up to multiple locum agencies.
  • View all of your previous jobs, your earnings and your upcoming schedule – quickly and easily.
  • Get preferential locum job offers from the pharmacies who add you to their personal locum bank.
  • View and apply for locum pharmacy jobs and negotiate emergency shifts – anytime, from anywhere.
  • Manage job and notification alerts to suit your needs, with our fully customisable software settings.
  • Get rewarded for your hard work, with real-time ratings based on your previous locum shifts.
  • The cost for finding locum shifts via Lopic? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Our software and app is 100% FREE.
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Lopic provides the complete goal management solution with employee evaluation and rewarding system.