The smarter alternative
to locum agencies for pharmacists

Locum management, made easy.

Welcome to Lopic – the new locum management and booking tool for pharmacies

Specialist locum agencies for pharmacists have always been the traditional option for ensuring you have qualified, experienced staff on-hand when you need them.

But what if we told you that there’s a new, more cost-effective locum management solution? An easier way pick locums you can trust, while saving money on your HR processes?

Control, continuity, compliance

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Advanced analytics

Control your locum recruitment and manage your workforce with our easy-to-access analytics dashboard. Assess available locums on reliability, hourly rate and ratings for extra confidence.

Build relationships

Our locum management and booking app allows you to access a pool of over 2500 locums and build a bank of your favourites, providing consistency and continuity for your pharmacy business.

Compliance essentials

View locum compliance documents, manage compliance for regulatory, GPhC and NHS quality payments – plus access our live feed from the GPhC register anytime, from anywhere.

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Locum management and booking made easy

The ideal alternative to using locum pharmacy agencies, our new HR booking and management platform is packed full of features to help you streamline staffing and save money on hiring.

Pharmacy HR tools in one place

All your pharmacy HR tools in one place – plus integration capabilities with existing business software.

Low monthly cost

Pay one low fixed-fee per branch, per month, all-in. No daily agency placement fees.

Fill pharmacy locum shifts FAST

Quickly identify and fill gaps in your pharmacy rota and cover emergencies.

Complete Locum Management

Reconcile invoices, schedule by template or individual and customise data.

Pick locums you can trust and take back your time with Lopic.

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Why choose Lopic over traditional locum agencies?

For pharmacists or technicians seeking locum shifts, and pharmacies looking to fill them, agencies have always been the go-to solution.

However, while an agency can help you find staff for your pharmacy, Lopic’s advanced digital platform allows you to do so much more… and at a much lower price.

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Lopic provides the complete goal management solution with employee evaluation and rewarding system.