Find & fill pharmacy jobs without a locum pharmacist agency

The new, advanced solution for booking,
scheduling & HR

Lopic – the locum app that does it all

Whether you’re a locum looking for shifts or a pharmacy wanting to get your schedule organised, Lopic has got you covered.

Find local locum
pharmacy jobs

  • Quickly find and apply for locum pharmacy shifts in your area
  • Upload all your details and compliance documents
  • View your schedule and earnings
  • Build your locum ratings – all for FREE.

Book schedule &
manage your staff

  • Book shift cover with trusted pharmacists and technicians
  • Build a locum bank and manage scheduling
  • better utilise your existing staff and deal with your HR processes
  • All via one smart platform

Save on locum
pharmacist agency fees

Tired of paying daily commission to your locum pharmacist agency, while still struggling to get the cover you need? Lopic offers unlimited use, all for one low fixed-fee per branch, per month.

All-in-one locum pharmacy booking
and HR solution

Find locum shifts in your local area usually requires managing multiple agencies – and it’s the same for pharmacies too.With Lopic, you have the technology to manage all of your job searching, locum hiring and HR in one place – saving you time, hassle, admin and money.

By building a community of qualified and compliant locum pharmacists and technicians, and providing the tools to manage your entire workforce, Lopic lets you take control of where you work, who you work with and the subsequent relationships you create. For cost-effective and consistent hiring success, HR management and locum job hunting, trust Lopic.

More reasons to use Lopic over a
pharmacist agency

Lopic is not only cheaper than expensive agencies, but we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves. Check out the benefits for yourself.

A Huge Community

With over 2,500 pharmacists and 250 pharmacies already registered, the Lopic locum app gives you direct access to a fast-growing community of industry contacts.

Numark Discounts

As a proud Numark Enhanced Supplier, we’re able to offer a discounted price to Numark members, reducing your fee to just £29.99+VAT per branch, per month.

Easy-to-use Platform

Locums can find pharmacy jobs easily on our Android or iOS app, or by registering here – while pharmacies can access our smart, intuitive platform right here.

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Lopic provides the complete goal management solution with employee evaluation and rewarding system.