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The Lopic locum app has been carefully designed to provide an easier (and cheaper) way to locate a locum pharmacist exactly when you need one – and for qualified locums to search for shifts that suit their desired working patterns.

An excellent alternative to locum/job searching via the traditional agency method, our app offers an all-in-one platform that brings the pharmacist community together for the benefit of pharmacies, locums and patients.

A locum app that works for everyone

For pharmacies

Fill emergency gaps on your shift rota to ensure prescriptions can be dispensed without interruption. For a single monthly fee per branch, you can access a vast pool of qualified and verified locums, view availability, book them and manage ALL your pharmacy HR on one smart, self-serve app.

For locums

With a shortage of locum pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, your services are in DEMAND. Our locum app gives you access to a growing community of pharmacies without the need to manage multiple agencies. You’ll build consistent relationships and have control of the shifts you take – all for FREE.

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Specially developed by an experienced locum pharmacist

Supported by his tech team, Reece Samani has developed the Lopic app in direct response to his own personal experiences as a locum, and the issues surrounding securing staff for pharmacy businesses across the UK.

  • Not enough locums available and difficulty in finding appropriate shift cover.
  • No simple pharmacy scheduling solution to maximise current staff utilisation.
  • Locum agency fees being too expensive, with commission charged per shift.
  • No central platform for locums to find shifts across pharmacies in their area.
  • Lack of instant locum booking solution when shifts need covering at short notice.
  • Continuity issues with securing trusted locums, impacting customer service levels.

Optimise your pharmacy recruitment and HR

Having seen the problems from both sides of the fence, Reece and his team started to build the framework for the Locum App, which was launched in 2016, and the first mobile-based locum booking platform in the UK. In 2020, following the resounding success of the Locum App, Reece also launched the well-known e-prescription service, SignatureRx.

Over time, and due to growing demand and changing environments, it became clear that the Locum App needed to evolve accordingly. As the platform has developed into a comprehensive HR solution, the name no longer encompassed its true purpose. And that’s how we became Lopic – a one-of-a- kind solution with nothing else quite like it on the market today.

Locate a locum pharmacist the easy way

Since its inception, the Lopic web and app platform has been extended and improved to include a range of functionalities and features that make hiring locums and managing staff scheduling a breeze.

With everything you need just a few clicks away, Lopic lets both pharmacies and locums take more control over their professional activities, while saving time, hassle and money. Read more about how Lopic works as a locum booking tool, scheduling/HR solution, and a job searching platform for locum pharmacists and pharmacist technicians.

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Lopic provides the complete goal management solution with employee evaluation and rewarding system.